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Adult High School (AHS)

The Adult High School (AHS) program is a College and Career Readiness Program designed to give those individuals who have not completed their high school education an opportunity to earn an Adult High School Diploma, and to develop, as a minimum, a range of skills which qualify them to succeed in the labor market or to enter technical, vocational, or college transfer programs offered by local community colleges. Adult High School programming consists of classroom instruction, learning laboratory courses, distance education, or a combination of the above, and is designed to prepare and qualify a student for an Adult High School diploma.

The Adult High School program is competency-based consisting of the core units required for high school graduation as determined by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education and delivered through the community college system. The Standard Course of Study is revised on a regular basis to remain consistent with the changing needs of our nation, state, and local communities. The new North Carolina Standard Course of Study consists of the Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards
Please note that minors will not be issued a diploma prior to the graduation date of their high school class unless they have reached their eighteenth birthday or if the local superintendent has waived this requirement in writing. Official transcripts are maintained in perpetuity by the community college where the diploma was awarded.

North Carolina has 42 Adult High School Programs across the state. Click AHS Coordinators for a contact list of community colleges with AHS programs.

Diane Steinbeiser
State GED® Administrator
Director, Adult High School & Equivalency Programs
Prof. Development & Instructional Support
College and Career Readiness

North Carolina Community College System
200 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC 27603
Office (919) 807-7214


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