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The State Board of Community Colleges

Officially coming into existence in January of 1981, the State Board of Community Colleges serves as the governing authority for the North Carolina Community College System. The Board is empowered by the General Statutes to adopt and implement the policies, regulations and standards necessary for administering and operating the nationís third largest system of community colleges.  From its creation in 1963 through 1980, the Community College System operated under the auspices of the State Board of Education.

One hundred and twenty-three persons from Murphy to Manteo have served during the three decades of the State Board's existence. Ten of its twenty-one members are appointed by the Governor, with one member representing each of the six trustee regions and four others serving on an at-large basis. They are joined by four members elected by both the State House of Representatives and the Senate, and by three others who serve as ex-officio members by virtue of position:  the Lieutenant Governor, the State Treasurer, and the President of the N4CSGA.

Dr. Linwood Powell of Fayetteville was elected as Chair of the State Board and Mr. K. Ray Bailey of Fairview was elected as Vice Chair at the July 19, 2013 State Board meeting.

Six standing committees carry out the bulk of the Boardís work:  Accountability and Audit, Finance, Personnel, Policy, Programs, and Strategic Planning with ad hoc committees appointed by the Chair as needed. The Board meets on the third Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m., with the months of June and December reserved for meetings if deemed necessary. The meeting in October is generally held on one of the 58 college campuses within the System.  The remaining meetings are held in the Dr. W. Dallas Herring State Board Room, located on the first floor of the Caswell Building on West Jones Street in Raleigh.

Meeting of the State Board

The State Board of Community Colleges will hold its next meeting Friday, April 25, 2014.  The meeting will originate from the System Office in the Caswell Building located on West Jones Street in Raleigh, NC.  Please be sure to check the links below for more information regarding this upcoming meeting.

Questions should be addressed to the State Board Affairs and Foundation Office at 919.807.7147 or by e-mailing

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