NC Student Success Center Hosts ACA 122 Regional Workshops

NC Student Success Center Hosts ACA 122 Regional Workshops

Raleigh, NC - The NC Student Success Center (NC SSC) hosted three regional ACA 122 Transfer Success Course Workshops on June 12, 22, and 29, 2017. These sessions were provided at the request of the Transfer Advisory Committee (TAC). Attended by 135 participants from 45 community colleges and three universities, the workshops focused on ways to improve the course for greater baccalaureate degree completion for students who transfer from community colleges to universities in NC.

The day-long course improvement workshops were designed to address transfer student needs identified by the TAC and university transfer advisors in a recent survey and from site visits and interviews with students at UNC institutions. Roxanne Newton, Executive Director of the NC SSC, shared survey results and course competencies. Tom Gould, TAC Co-Chair, and Vice President of Instruction at Pitt Community College, shared TAC updates and recommendations.  Wesley Beddard, NCCCS Associate Vice President for Programs, shared important insights about transfer success.

The workshops showcased Durham Technical Community College best practices in ACA 122 course design, faculty development, instructor support, and student engagement. Presenters include Gabby McCutchen, Dean, Faculty Engagement and Student Transitions; Kerry Cantwell, Chair, First-Year Experience; and Diedre Yancey, Instructor, First-Year Experience & College Success, who shared dramatic improvements in student persistence and staff involvement after revamping the course. More than 200 instructors have participated in the 15-hour ACA 122 training course, and an online professional development course provides ongoing learning and support for instructors.

Participants also shared best practices in teaching ACA 122 and transfer success at their colleges, and Newton shared the national research from The Transfer Playbook with four essential practices: making transfer a priority; clarifying the baccalaureate pathways; providing tailored transfer advising; and creating strong partnerships with four-year institutions.

The workshops were well-received by instructors and advisors who attended. As one workshop participant stated, “The workshop round-table discussions, sharing of data, TAC news, and what we should be doing were very helpful.”

Future plans for the NC SSC include publishing a one-page list of recommendations for transfer success this fall and development of a Transfer Student Success online portal for instructors and advisors to share ideas and collaborate. In addition, the Center is creating a NC Advising Redesign Project to be launched in the coming year. 

To learn more about NC Student Success Center and the Transfer Success Workshop, visit or contact Newton via e-mail at

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