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Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual (CPRM)

Section Title Last Update
  Table of Contents/Mission Statement   .pdf .doc
Section 1 Academic Programs Staff Contact Information 03/17/14 .pdf .doc
Section 2 Submission Deadlines 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 3 Curriculum Program Application (Existing Titles) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 3A Curriculum Program Application (Special Titles) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 3B Curriculum Program Application (New-to-System Titles) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 4 Curriculum Program Application (Captive/Co-opted Groups) 08/16/13 .pdf .doc
Section 5 Program Termination (Curriculum and Level III ISA) 10/14/13 .pdf .doc
Section 6 Instructional Service Agreements (ISA) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 7

Curriculum Program Title List
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP Codes)

Assigned Program Coordinator

03/17/14  .pdf .doc
Section 8A Electronic Programs of Study Input for Curriculum Programs (IIPS) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 8B Electronic Programs of Study Input for Curriculum Programs (Colleague) 08/22/13  .pdf .doc
Section 9 Electronic Program of Study Review/Approval for Curriculum Programs 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 10

Electronic Programs of Study Input for Captive or

Co-opted Programs (to be published)

04/10/00 .pdf .doc
Section 11 College Transfer (AA, AS and AFA) 01/23/13 .pdf .doc
Section 12 General Occupational Technology (GOT) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 13 Associate in General Education (AGE) 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 14 Career and College Promise (CCP) 03/21/14 .pdf .doc
Section 15 Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) 01/28/14 .pdf .doc
  Form 15-1
Online Tutorial
  Form 15-2
Online Tutorial
  Form 15-3
Online Tutorial
Section 16 Curriculum Standards Revision 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 17 Curriculum Contracts 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 18 Service Area Assignments 07/01/07 .pdf .doc
Section 19 Distance Learning Information 01/28/10 .pdf .doc
Section 20 Work-Based Learning 07/19/13 .pdf .doc
Section 21 Tiered Funding Classifications Curriculum Course Prefixes 01/17/14 .pdf .doc
Section 22 Placeholder for future information      
Section 23 Guidelines and Definitions 07/17/13 .pdf .doc
Section 24 State Board of Community Colleges Code 01/08/13 .pdf .doc
Section 25 College Codes 07/01/07 .pdf .doc
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