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Mack Gaddy's Success Story

Mack Gaddy Associate in General Education graduate Mack Gaddy left a difficult past behind him when he came to Montgomery Community College. He joined the Minority Male Mentoring Club because he wanted to get involved in student activities at the college. His mentor initiated him into the program and Mack's leadership abilities immediately led him to become vice president of the club.

He went through the vocational rehabilitation program, earned a bronze level Career Readiness Certificate, and during his second semester, Mack was selected to be a student ambassador. The following year he became the Student Government Association President.

Mack's work ethic impressed the college administration so much that they asked him to manage the campus café, another challenge he enthusiastically accepted. Mack says the Minority Male Mentoring program helped him build self esteem, gave him a better perspective, and shaped his life.

“My personality, my attitude, even my personal appearance changed,” said Mack. “I found out there was more out there for me than I thought there was.”

In August, Mack is leaving MCC to transfer to Pfeiffer University where he will major in Religion.

“I've got my reward now,” Mack said of being accepted at the university. “Education is totally the key to anything a person wants to do in life.”

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