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Randy Durren's Success Story

Randy Durren Randy Durren is Curriculum Coordinator and Instructor for Laboratory Technology, Biotechnology, and Biology at Piedmont Community College. He was one of the first instructors to recognize that the BioNetwork Biotechnology bus could help him teach his students. This mobile laboratory included industry equipment used in biotechnology and biomanufacturing across North Carolina. Randy recognized the importance of exposing his students to unique pieces of equipment, and requested that the bus be open to the college public, so others could learn about biotechnology opportunities at Piedmont and across the state. His vision for his students went beyond individual county lines. Instead, he proudly promoted industry needs across North Carolina and how his students could fill those needs.

Colleagues describe how Randy's students are always well informed, knowledgeable and interested in the equipment provided by the mobile laboratory. Each student takes pride in the fact that they were properly trained on a wide variety of valuable and critical industry technology. Students are also eager to share their career goals, and many comment that they have a professional biotechnology plan because of Randy's classes. He has provided many of them with the skills, techniques, and interest to perform well in any laboratory technology or biotechnology technician position.

Randy's leadership is also evident in his promotion of biofuels, biotechnology, and innovations in chemistry and green programs for the Code Green Super Curriculum Improvement Project. If there is a program, resource, opportunity, or piece of equipment that will help his students learn, he makes it a top priority to access it for his students.

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