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Jeff Ledford's Success Story

Jeff Ledford Prior to coming to Cleveland Community College I was working at the Shelby Police Department. I had graduated high school and had attended basic law enforcement training at another community college. In law enforcement, having a degree is becoming more of a necessity.

While a degree isn't required to enter into the field, it is very helpful to have post high school education in order to compete for promotions. I knew very early that if I wanted to further my career, I would need to pursue a college degree. Furthering my academic career at CCC helped me in many ways.

As I competed for promotions within my department, I was competing with people who were mainly college graduates. By earning my degree I would be able to level the playing field.

There were many factors that led me to CCC. First it was accessible, not to mention the cost was very competitive. Since I was working and living close to the college, it made good sense to further my education there. Another big factor was the fact that the staff at CCC worked with the Shelby Police Department to make sure we were able to get the classes we needed even though we had a very hectic schedule. The instructors were very understanding about schedules and seemed to really care about my progress.

Honestly, I can't say enough about what a caring and understanding staff CCC has.

Earning my degree from CCC was a certainly a great sense of accomplishment and one that I accepted with enthusiasm. Currently, I am preparing for graduate work and thank CCC for giving me a solid degree to reflect on.

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