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Crystal Douglas's Success Story

Crystal Douglas Crystal Douglas attended Winston-Salem State University, but quit after her third year due to illness in her family. She took the Nurse Assistant I, II and Emergency Medical Technology courses at Montgomery Community College to better care for her invalid grandmother. She later married and began working at a nursing home, but eventually decided a health care career was not for her.

When Douglas began working at a child development center she felt she had come home. She loved working with children. Her next step was to enroll in the early childhood program at Montgomery Community College.

Douglas said, “I needed to work and wanted to go to school at the same time. I took classes at night or during the day while the children were asleep,” something she could not have done if she had not attended a local community college. “My employer worked with me when I needed to go to class.”

For the last six years, Douglas has been working as a second grade teacher's assistant with Montgomery County Schools. She says MCC helped her decide what she really wanted to do with her career. “My instructors showed me that I didn't have to stay where I was. There were higher goals I could obtain.”

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