Career & College Promise

Career & College Promise

Success in today’s global economy may require a two-or four-year degree, a certificate, or diploma. Through Career & College Promise (CCP), qualified high-school-age students in North Carolina have the opportunity to pursue these options, tuition-free, while they are in high school, allowing them to get a jumpstart on their workplace and college preparation.

Note: Parents and students should consult their local community college's website for details on the CCP offerings available in their area.

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CCP provides three pathways to help advance eligible students’ post-high school success:

  • College Transfer – College transfer pathways (CTP) provide tuition-free course credits toward the AA, AS, AATP, ASTP, AE, ADN, AFA- Music, AFA-Theatre, or AFA-Visual Arts that will transfer seamlessly to any UNC System or participating private college or university.
  • Career and Technical Education – Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways provide tuition-free course credits toward a certificate, diploma, or state or industry-recognized workforce credential. Workforce Continuing Education (WCE) credentials are offered via state or locally developed WCE CCP pathways. Click here for the State Electronic CCP WCE Application Link, and click here for the Local CCP WCE Application Link. Sample, watermarked applications and a WCE CCP Electronic Application Quick Reference Guide are available below.
  • Cooperative Innovative High Schools – Begin earning tuition-free college credits as a high school student by attending an approved Cooperative Innovative High School.