Guidance on Paper-Based Assessment Option during COVID 19

Guidance on Paper-Based Assessment Option during COVID 19

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Recognizing that local providers need flexibility to continue to provide adult education and literacy activities to all students, CCR has convened two committees to advise about serving students from a distance. The first committee helped create the Alternative Learning Packet instructional option. The second committee, the COVID Assessment Response committee, has helped guide the new assessment option described below.

Since agencies are closed or have limited access to students during the COVD-19 health crisis, assessment has presented a significant challenge. Many students do not have access to the internet or to the type of devices required to do remote testing.

Beginning immediately and continuing only through June 30, 2020, all local providers are granted the authority to determine the appropriate placement level for entering students through use of a local instructor recommended assessment tool. This tool may be a locally developed or recommended assessment instrument, or in the case of ELA students, an oral assessment administered via telephone. This score is to be used as a placeholder only until an official NRS approved assessment can be administered. The particular tool used does NOT have to have approval from the system office.

The goal of this guidance is to encourage local providers to enroll as many students as possible and begin instructing them at the appropriate level.

Many thanks to your colleagues, Terry Valentino and Ed King of McDowell Technical Community College, Michele Hall of Coastal Carolina Community College, Diane Matlock of Carteret Community College, Annie Barron of Central Piedmont Community College, and Julia Tennant of Wake Technical Community College for their thoughtful input and feedback in developing this guidance.

We hope this additional option helps programs continue to serve all students equitably.



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