NC Title ll Assessment Policy Addendum

NC Title ll Assessment Policy Addendum

Monday, April 27, 2020

This purpose of this memo is to provide an Addendum to the NC Assessment Policy, College and Career Readiness. This document outlines exceptions and changes and resulting options that have been made in the Assessment and Distance Learning policies due to COVID-19. This document will be revised as more guidance or changes are made.

In Guidance for CCR Assessments During COVID-19 Memo, dated April 1, based on guidance we received from OCTAE, we approved providers to develop procedures to implement virtual test proctoring of approved NRS assessments.

Additional OCTAE: Memo 20-4 allowed states to revise the PY 2019 approved assessment policy currently in effect without the need to prior approval. In addition, it allows States to exempt distance learning students from pre-post testing who are unable to test due to COVID-19. Any exemptions made must have a time limit and guidelines for identifying students who are exempt.

NC will continue to require a placement test for all new students. To maintain integrity in instruction, it is critical to assess student’s current skills so that appropriate instruction can address the gaps in knowledge. NCCCS is considering options to determine pre/post tests gains for federal funding allocations.

We intend to develop multiple options for colleges to administer a placement assessment. CCR is reviewing an alternative assessment process for students registering for BSP 4003 and BSP 4002. More information will be available as soon as the process is developed. We will continue to review alternative options and approve exceptions.



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