Alamance Community College

Alamance Community College

Anh T. Nguyen

In 2012 Ahn Nguyen immigrated from her native Vietnam to America to be with her husband and to make a better life for herself and their children.   After her husband's disability changed their plans she decided to work and studied English for three years.  During this time she found an educationa

Kimberly Johnson

Over the years I have been blessed with many exciting opportunities in my life and chances to lead and inspire others.

Lazarus Limo

As a native of Kenya, I learned English in elementary school and spent many other hours helping my mother on our small-scale farm. We grew maize, Napier grass, passion fruits, and kept cows, sheep, and chickens. of about 15 acres. But I had great ambitions of becoming an engineer and athlete.

Kaitlyn M. Raitano

Kaitlyn Raitano, Alamance Community College, Excellence Award 2013

After graduating from Chapel Hill High School in 2010, I took a semester off and worked at a local restaurant. While working, I volunteered with the NC Special Olympics and helped students with Intellectual Disabilities in the classroom.

Carrie Parker

Carrie Parker, Alamance Community College, Excellence Award

Alamance Community College has had a tremendous impact upon my life. The faculty, students and sheer love resonating from everyone has helped me to blossom into a successful woman who will continue to journey forward after college. Through ACC, I learned that everything is possible.

Kristen Thompson

Kristen Thompson, Alamance Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Growing up as the daughter of an electrical engineer father and a draftsperson mother, Kristen Thompson had an obsession with floor plans.

So when she enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as an accounting major, Thompson knew she was doing something wrong.

Holly Bouldin

Holly Bouldin, Alamance Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Since I began at Alamance Community College, I have noticed that the faculty and staff are always eager to help students succeed.

Daniel Stickel

Daniel Stickel, Alamance Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

Alamance Community College has had a tremendous impact upon my life.

John Neathery

John Neathery, 2015 Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient

The NC Community College System (NCCCS) has given John Neathery, Alamance Community College instructor, its highest award as the top community college instructor in North Carolina.

Melissa Dawkins

Alamance Community College 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Melissa Dawkins

As a busy wife and mother of three, I attended classes at Alamance Community College for two years before obtaining my Associate in Arts degree in December 2015. Going to ACC positively impacted my family’s life.