Bladen Community College

Bladen Community College

Terrie Crawley

Terrie Crawley, Bladen Community College, Excellence Award 2012

I am a 43 year old, non-traditional student working toward an associate degree in nursing at Bladen Community College. I took college preparatory classes in high school. After high school graduation, I applied and was accepted to several universities.

Robin Novak

Robin Novak, Bladen Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

In pursuit of advanced academic training for better career opportunities, Robin Novak enrolled in the Computer Information Technology program at Bladen Community College. A veteran of the United States Army, Ms. Novak suffers from Cervical Dystonia.

Willie Jackson Corbett

Willie Jackson Corbett

Mr. Willie Corbett, a survivor of a motorcycle accident, a victim of quadriplegic paralysis, a conscious and thoughtful parent aiming to teach his children and grandchildren the value of education, is worthy of the Dallas Herring Award for 2016.

Levy Pate

Bladen CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Levy Pate

I began my journey with Bladen Community College during the summer of 2014.  After being homeschooled for 13 years, I was reluctant about how well I would do in a classroom setting.  That summer, I took two on-line courses and did well, which boosted my confidence in my ability to achieve in coll

Anthony Kennedy

Working with a computer system that controls two manufacturing plants was giving Anthony Kennedy the influence to return to school back in 2015.  Gaining roles that included IT management, he knew that he would have to improve his skills to be successful at the task his job required.  He was able

Katie Pontak

In May, 2019 Academic Excellence Award recipient at Bladen Community College, Katie Pontak, earned an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and a high school diploma all at once.

Victoria Pait

Victoria Pait, Bladen Community College, Excellence Award

I would first and foremost like to thank my Creator for allowing me to have this chance to attend such a great school and for blessing me with amazing instructors.

Jessica Cain

Jessica Cain, Bladen Community College, Excellence Award 2013

My name is Jessica Cain. I am 19 years old and I am currently enrolled in my fourth and final semester at Bladen Community College. I will graduate in May 2013 with my Associate in Arts degree.