Brunswick Community College

Brunswick Community College

Marley Templeman

Marley Templeman, Brunswick Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

My journey at Brunswick Community College started after serving as an Intelligence Specialist in the United States Navy, and it has been a successful one thus far, but not without some adversity.

Kyle Mehl

Brunswick CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Kyle Mehl

Many things go through a first-year college student’s mind when walking into their first class. These fears can include: having trouble at making friends, embarrassing themselves, and even failing their class as if they are not prepared for it.

Daisha Jordan

All Daisha Jordan could think about her senior year of high school, was what college or university she was going to attend.   Campbell University offered Jordan admission and an academic scholarship and Jordan attended with hopes of being a part of the women's basketball team.  Unfortunately, Jor

William Wallace

Way back in the 90’s, after I graduated from high school, I went to college the first time. I was an “okay” student. I participated in class and turned in my assignments on time, mostly. I made good grades, but I never really succeeded because I was young, naïve, and socially dumb.

Sharon Callender

Sharon Callender, Brunswick Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Like so many others, the downturn in the economy made it necessary to take a second look at how my husband and I were going to survive the second part of our lives.

Bryson Benton

Bryson Benton, Brunswick Community College, Excellence Award 2013

My first three semesters at Brunswick Community College have been very successful, and I hope to continue my success during the spring and beyond. With some success has come some adversity, but these obstacles have strengthened me as a student and person.

Douglas Fritchey

Douglas Fritchey, Brunswick Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Throughout my educational and professional career it has been my ultimate goal to learn something new each day, and to determine a potential success from this gained knowledge.  I not only want to retain information, but I want to practice the skills learned throughout my education.  The Professi