Carteret Community College

Carteret Community College

Lindsay Anne Finn

Carteret CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Lindsay Finn

Fresh out of high school, I joined the United States Coast Guard. Upon completion of my enlistment, I began to search for my next adventure. I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field but I was unsure exactly what that was.

Laura Caitlin Ritchie

Laura Caitlin Ritchie finally discovered that her true calling was nursing.  Having to balance work, school, finances, family and life in general, Ritchie saw how affordable Carteret Community College was and the scholarships and financial aid offered through the financial aid department.  The fa

Michael Priest

The idea of attending a college had always been the forefront goal as my senior year of high school ended. Due to me being a new student and a new North Carolina resident, the search for a college began. The decision on where to go was not easy for me.

Allison Gay

Allison Gay, Carteret Community College, Excellence Award 2014

My daughter and I are originally from Beaufort County, but moved to Carteret County in 2011. I have always known that I wanted to work in the medical field, but I had to search to find my niche.

Amber Glancy

Amber Glancy, Carteret Community College, Excellence Award 2012

As a first-year college student navigating her way through an unfamiliar college process, Amber Glancy has had no trouble defining her success – and her future.

Thomas Stroud

Thomas Stroud, Carteret Community College, Excellence Award 2013

A 32-year-old, single dad is the top student at Carteret Community College for 2013. 

Todd Gill

Todd Gill, Carteret Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Aquaculture student Todd Gill, 30, has maintained a 4.0 grade point average while taking more than 24 hours of Aquaculture, Biology and other science courses at the college. This semester, Mr. Gill is taking 20 hours of science related courses.

Kaitlin Rae Colvin

Katelin Rae Colvin, Carteret Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

My journey through the Carteret Community College has been a very rewarding experience.  Through the Radiography program, I have found a love and passion for a career and I have gained experience from opportunities I never knew I would be a part of.