Catawba Valley Community College

Catawba Valley Community College

Sierra Tuttle

Sierra Tuttle made the decision two years ago that she wanted to change her life.  After seven year break from school, she decided to enroll at Catawba Valley Community College.  With huge support from her family and her fiance Jeremy, she was able to stay on track and continue her studies.  Tutt

Holly Cable

Being at Catawba Valley Community College as an early college high school student has given me the opportunity to see different possibilities than in a traditional high school setting.

Michael Wilkins

Michael Wilkins, Catawba Valley Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Keeping my CVCC Success story under 200 words may be one of the most difficult challenges I have had to face since beginning my journey here.

Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper, Catawba Valley Community College, Excellence Award 2012

As an entrepreneur breaking into an unconventional industry, Shane Cooper has stopped nothing short of putting the pedal to the metal – literally.

Jill Hoerr

Jill Hoerr, Catawba Valley Community College, Excellence Award 2013

In my early thirties, I found myself to be a single mother with a failed career. The financial hardships were overwhelming but, more importantly, my self confidence was shaken, and I questioned my ability to succeed.

Dillon White

Dillon White, Catawba Valley Community College, Excellence Award 2012

I had never planned on being an academic individual. When I first came to Catawba Valley Community College I was only looking to earn a certificate, graduate, and find a better job. There was no master plan, and far less, the dream of graduating with an Associates of Science degree.

Chanda Sherrill

Chanda Sherrill, Catawba Valley Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

When I graduated from high school in 1989, going to college was not an option because I was pregnant with my son. I had to put my educational dreams on hold and go to work so that I could take care of him. The majority of the jobs I have had were factory jobs.

Dr. Garrett Hinshaw

Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, 2015 President of the Year

Dr. Garrett D. Hinshaw, president of Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, was recently named President of the Year by the State Board of Community Colleges.  

Kim Lee Taylor

Catawba Valley CC Academic Excellence Award Recipient Kim Lee Taylor

There are no words that can describe how I feel about the honor that has been given me though this award.  I thank God for the grace of giving me the ability to learn, the instructors for the encouragement they gave me and my family for the patience they have had when I could not do everything th