Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College

Sara Dir

Sara Dir, Central Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2012

My time spent as a student at Central Piedmont Community College has proven to be one of my greatest adventures. Before I started attending CPCC I was a student fresh out of high school in Toronto, living on my own, and working part-time.

Zaman Rashid

Zaman Rashid, Central Piedmont Community College

“I consider myself a servant student leader.

Anza Abbas

Anza Abbas, Central Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Most students who have traveled thousands of miles for the sake of education come with a determined mindset of succeeding. I, belonging to this category, undoubtedly believe that getting exposed to a variety of academic fields is immensely important for such students.

Deon Selby

Deon Selby, Central Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2012

For Deon Selby, returning to Central Piedmont Community College in summer 2010 seemed like one of life’s natural progressions. Not only had he previously earned his GED from the College in 1997, but his uncle and mother were alumni of the institution as well.

Riyam Al Ghrary

Riyam Al Ghrary, Central Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2013

As I look back on my accomplishments and personal breakthroughs, I notice a common denominator. Almost all have been achieved with the help of the inspiring professors and supportive faculty of Central Piedmont Community College. During my time at CPCC, I have grown as a student and a leader.

Moza Hamud

Moza Hamud, Central Piedmont Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

Growing up in Kenya, education was a privilege and not a right.

Seedy Njie

Central Piedmont CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award Recipient Seedy Njie

When I moved to the United States from Gambia, I was both nervous and excited about what the future had in store for me, so I used that as a fuel to succeed in every aspect of my life, especially in education.

Philomena De Piante

Philomena De Piante's education started with two goals.  To receive her Associates in Arts degree then transfer to a four-year university.  She soon realized that Central Piedmont Community College had more to offer than just an excellent education.   For Philomena CPCC provided an environment of

Angeles Gomez

I was looking for an educational challenge and wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend a community college. However, my opinion changed once I started attending Central Piedmont.