Craven Community College

Craven Community College

Sean Ross

Sean Ross with Dr. Catherine Chew

Sean Ross, a student at Craven Community College (CCC), is the recipient of the 2014 Governor Robert Scott Leadership Award.

Kayla Schliewe

Kayla Schliewe, Craven Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Deciding to come to Craven Community College has proved to be one of the best choices I could have made for myself and for my future. When I enrolled with Craven, my mother had just divorced my step-father, and my home life and finances were unstable.

Nicole Mena

Nicole Mena, Craven Community College, Excellence Award 2013

From day one at Craven I was given support and guidance, yet empowered to be in control of my education and decisions at the same time. When my family relocated to North Carolina, I decided to change career paths and follow my longtime dream of becoming a teacher.

Rachel Wheeler

Rachel Wheeler, Craven Community College, Excellence Award 2012

After a five year hiatus from my first college experience, I began attending Craven Community College because I was ready to seriously pursue getting a degree. However, I found myself unsure of what direction I wanted to take.

Hallie Frency

Hallie French, Craven Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

Craven has proved to be an incredible stepping stone. When I began my time at Craven I was unsure of myself. I knew that I wanted to study English, but I lacked direction. Craven has provided me with priceless opportunities that I would not have been afforded otherwise.

Arodi Grullon Fernandez

Craven CC Academic Excellence Award recipient Arodi Grullon Fernandez

I started at Craven Community College after I finished serving 12 years of service in the Marine Corps. My time at the college has been very high tempo, but also very rewarding. There have been many things I have done and accomplished, that I never saw coming.

McKenzie Sandoval

I have begun to fulfill my career dreams here at Craven Community College in acquiring skills through the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

Christina Fletcher

My path to higher education is very different from what I planned. Partway through my senior year of high school, I had to face the reality that I could not afford to go to a four-year university.