Davidson County Community College

Davidson County Community College

Mitchell Cleary

Mitchell Cleary, Davidson County Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

In high school, I had a hard time understanding not only what the point of learning was, but what the point of life was. I felt like I was playing a game where everyone understood the rules except for me. I dropped out and fell into a deep depression.

Shodeah Kelly

Davidson County CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Shodeah Kelly

Clenching the straps of my book bag in sheer nervousness, I walked into the doors of Davidson County Community College. In an instant, I was in a class with adults who had full-time jobs, spouses, and children.

Constance Morse

"I don’t know yet. I just want to help people!" I told the career coach instead of admitting that I had always wanted to be a family physician. That childhood dream seemed unreachable.

Alisha Sechrest

My success story begins when I applied for the RIBN program through North Carolina A&T University and Davidson County Community College. This program set me on a path for success as long as I worked with a determined attitude, compassionate heart, and never gave up.

Kristi Wallace

Kristi Wallace, Davidson Community College, Excellence Award 2014

In high school, going to college never crossed my mind. I made bad grades, bad choices, and at the age of sixteen, I was pregnant. Though difficult, I managed to graduate with my class of 2001. After graduating, I got married and my husband and I continued our family.

Crystal Overcash

Crystal Overcash, Davidson County Community College, Excellence Award 2013

Pursuing a dream is not easy. My dream has always been to become a labor and delivery nurse. That dream became secondary while I raised my young daughter as a single mother, but finally at age 30, I was able to start college and my dream came back into focus.

Ann Funk

Ann Funk, Davidson Community College, Excellence Award 2012

My time at Davidson Community College has been a very fulfilling experience for me.  I have seen myself grow not only in knowledge but also in confidence and ability.  I owe most of this to the instructors, staff, and students at Davidson County Community College.  Their influence has allowed me