Gaston College

Gaston College

Samantha Jo Christopher

Gaston College 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Samantha Jo Christopher

I began my collegiate journey at Gaston College in the fall of 2014. The year prior, I was deployed overseas on my second combat tour when a 200-pound Improvised Explosive Devise struck my vehicle.

Ryan Booth

In chemistry, there exists a concept titled potential energy. This concept is characterized by the accumulation of potential to exert a maximum amount of energy by a body due to its surrounding conditions.

Michael Philbeck Jr.

Many people think that they need to go to a university to get a quality education. I can personally tell you that is not the case. Since I work full time and provide for a family of seven, Community College was my only choice.

Marjorie Heidi

Marjorie Heidi, Gaston Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Being healthy and physically fit is essential to performing the duties of a firefighter safely and efficiently.

Aubrey Gardner

Aubrey Gardner, Gaston Community College, Excellence Award 2013

My journey began as an Adult High School student at Gaston College. From that experience, I realized that education was the most important thing in my life. I am not only dedicated to my academics but also to campus life and my community. I am a Senator for the Student Government Association.

Darren Stewart

Darren Stewart, Gaston Community College, Excellence Award 2012

I retired from the Marine Corps in 2009 and decided to further my education in pursuit of a different career.  I decided to pursue a career in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management so I enrolled at Gaston College in the fall of 2009.

Thu Vu

Thu Vu, Gaston College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

When moving to Gastonia four years ago, I did not know what to do with my life other than what my family has set out for me - nail business. I wanted something more to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, so I took the first step by getting my GED at Gaston College.