Guilford Technical Community College

Guilford Technical Community College

Dustin Darnell

Dustin Darnell, Guilford Technical Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Before attending GTCC, I was a college dropout without a purpose in life. Stubborn and naïve, I believed that life consisted of what I saw on the Real World, which of course set me up for more failure. I used materialism, intimate relationships, and drugs to fill the void I felt within myself.

Gustavo Smith

Gustavo Smith, Guilford Technical Community College, Excellence Award 2013

I was motivated to change my life after I held my two daughters from birth and promised their lives would not be like mine. As a single parent, I decided to enroll full-time at GTCC to accomplish my goal of becoming a community fitness educator.

Darren Lipman

Darren Lipman, Guilford Technical Community College, Excellence Award 2012

I was never a leader. Working with others was never a strength of mine. Even starting a conversation was difficult. This all changed when I became a student at Guilford Tech.

George Fouts

George Fouts, 2015 I.E. Ready Award Recipient

George Fouts is the recipient of the 2015 I.E. Ready Award, the highest honor bestowed on an individual by the Board.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnston, Guilford Technical Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

GTCC helped save my life. At 18, I joined the military, and as a result, suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Left untreated, it contributed to a tumultuous twenty years. On August 7, 2013, I woke up in a hospital, suffering a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.

Sharon Parks

Guilford Technical CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Sharon Parks

A friend is one that is always accepting and encouraging regardless of how much time has passed. For thirty years Guilford Technical Community College has consistently demonstrated this concept.

Jana Carver

When thinking about the best thing for her future Jana Carver decided to enroll at Guilford Technical Community College.  Having never attended public or private school going to college terrified her since her prior education was taught at home.  Being homeschooled in an unstable home caused her

Darcy Kerns

Over the years, I have had many goals and aspirations, one of them being to succeed throughout my time here at Guilford Community College. I decided to attend GTCC for a variety of reasons and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Ed Bowling, 2014 Staff of the Year

Ed Bowling, Guilford Technical Community College

Ed Bowling, executive director of Completion by Design at Guilford Technical Community College, has received the BB&T Staff of the Year Award from the State Board of Community Colleges.