Johnston Community College

Johnston Community College

Margaret Raynor

Margaret Raynor, Johnston Community College, Excellence Award 2014

After 18 years of working in the airline industry, Margaret Raynor decided to retire in 2005. She tried several different jobs over the next six years, but she still wasn't fully satisfied.

Austin Scott

Austin Scott, Johnston Community College, Excellence Award 2013

After graduation from NCSU in 2001, I worked in a flourishing housing economy as a draftsman until the recession of 2008. As the recession progressed, I was faced with a stagnant career in a failing housing market.

Nathaniel Jones

Nathaniel Jones, Johnston Community College, Excellence Award 2012

I chose to go to JCC right after high school not because it was my only option but because it just made practical sense.

Matthew Green

Matthew Green, Johnston Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award

In 2010, I graduated from Central Carolina Community College with an Associate Degree in Lasers and Photonics.  I had to look for a job outside the state due to economy.  Half a year after graduating, I found a good job in Delaware.  I packed all my things and moved to an unknown place with no fr

Anna Ekis

I had a young child that my family cared for during the time I was incarcerated.  Upon my release, I was determined to make a good life for myself and my son and felt the first step towards reaching this goal would be to go back to school.

Jennylee Spottswood

I began my college education in 2006 when I was an eighteen-year-old. After the first semester, I dropped out due to pregnancy. I got married and decided to stay at home with my son. Over the next few years, I worked several part-time jobs and had two more children.