Mayland Community College

Mayland Community College

Brian Pham

Brian Pham, Mayland Community College, Excellence Award 2013

To Brian Pham, one meaning of freedom is being able to pursue a good education. Pham, who was born in Vietnam and came to the United States in 1998 with his parents and sister. He is the 2013 North Carolina Community College System's Dallas Herring Award recipient. 

Timothy Wyatt

Timothy Wyatt, Mayland Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Timothy Wyatt has been selected as Mayland Community College's Academic Excellence Award recipient for 2014.

Austin Elkins

Austin Elkins, Mayland Community College, Excellence Award 2012

My success cannot be accredited to me only, first and foremost I must thank God Almighty for allowing me the great privilege to achieve the grades and accomplishments that He has so blessed me with.  If it had not been for the loving support of my family, church, and the learning atmosphere of th

Matthew Ray

Matthew Ray, Mayland Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

Mayland Community College’s 2015 North Carolina Community College System’s Academic Excellence Award recipient is Matthew Ray. He will graduate with his Associate Degree in Nursing this May, and intends to continue his education at a four-year institution after graduating.

Emilee Christian Crowder

Mayland CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Emilee Christian Crowder

Emilee Crowder, who will graduate with her Associate in Arts Degree this May, is a first generation college student who enrolled at Mayland Community College following her high school graduation.

Teresa Denis Ennis

Everyone has a story and those stories have common themes; indeed, the human condition requires such. All humanity experiences love and hate; joy and consternation. Each and every soul shall encounter daunting obstacles in the pursuit of every endeavor.

Jamie Jennings

Jamie Jennings was selected as Mayland Community College 2019 Academic Excellence Award recipient. She graduated in May with her Associate in Arts Degree and plans to pursue studies in Secondary Education at Mars Hill University.