Nash Community College

Nash Community College

Jessica M. Avila

Jessica M. Avila, Nash Community College, Excellence Award 2014

I am a first generation Hispanic college student working to obtain an Associate in Science degree at Nash Community College (NCC). My greatest career goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Biology with a concentration in a medical or animal conservation field.

Jammie Wacenske

Jammie Wacenske, Nash Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Nash Community College graduate Jammie Wacenske is headed to law school.

Since she was five years old, Wacenske, of Nashville, N.C., has wanted to be a lawyer. And this fall, she will begin making that dream a reality.

LaShonda M. Caine

LaShonda Caine, Nash Community College, Excellence Award 2013

A stay-at-home mom for many years, I returned to school for a decent paying job and to take some of the burden off my husband. With four of seven children living at home, and grandchildren, I needed to return to the workforce.

Alex Barnhill

Alex Barnhill, Nash Community College, Excellence Award 2012

After twenty years in the workforce, a downturn in the economy led to my being laid off. I decided to turn a negative into a positive and go back to school. I chose Nash Community College because of the variety of programs available.

Lilia Martinez

Lilia Martinez, Nash Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

In elementary school and middle school, I was an A and B student.  At the age of 17, my senior year of high school, my life took a 360 degree turn because of making a wrong decision.  I graduated from high school with a very disappointing GPA and begin working a full time job, which I did not lik

Dana K. Wise

Nash CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Dana K. Wise

As a forty-something year old wife and mother of five, I got this crazy idea that I would like to be a Physical Therapist Assistant.  Thinking it was impossible, I told my husband so he could bring me back to reality.  Instead, he encouraged me to follow through.  I drove an hour from Mount Olive

Joshua G. West

Being diagnosed with asthma and anxiety disorder cut short the military career of Marian Corp Veteran Joshua G.

Jonathan Overton

To say I originally despised the idea of attending a community college would be an understatement; however, my opinion quickly and completely changed. As someone who did not know what he wanted for the future, I neglected college applications until it was too late.