Piedmont Community College

Piedmont Community College

Cristian McLaughlin

A small vignette on the front of Piedmont Community College's student planners describing the Student Government Association caught the eye and interest of Cristian McLaughlin.  After e-mailing the advisor of the SGA and conversing back and forth McLaughlin jumped in the "deep end" and ran for SG

Tiffani Woods

When I decided to return to college, it was a no-brainer to find a community college to attend. I was new to North Carolina, but I had heard a lot of positive stories about Piedmont Community College. I was leery, expecting ridiculously high tuition rates.

Michael Zizzi

Michael Zizzi, Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2014

My decision to go back school and pursue a nursing degree at Piedmont Community College was rooted in my desire to help people. As a former Army combat medic, I was many years removed from direct patient care and had been in medical management in various capacities for years.

Diana Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez, Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2013

Moving to the United States from Mexico at the age of two, Diana Gonzalez knew first-hand the communication difficulties her family had while she was growing up. “I usually had to translate for my mother whenever she would have appointments,” Diana recalls.

Amaris Marie Kirby

Amaris Kirby, Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Piedmont Community College. Those three words have meant so much to me these past two years.

Joanna Cheek

Joanna Cheek, Piedmont Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

About ten years after getting my GED from Piedmont Community College, the opportunity arose for me to finally begin my college education. I always knew I wanted to get a degree, but things just never worked out.

Eric Walls

Eric Walls, Pitt Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

Going back to school was a decision that was a long time coming for me. I was a bit of a rebel back in my youth and decided to forego college right after high school and instead entered the proverbial School of Hard Knocks.

Vivian Kpenosen

Piedmont CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Vivian Kpenosen

Living in Nigeria, I had a friend with Sickle-cell disease. This friend said that her nurse was a guardian angel. That nurse always put a smile on my friend’s face. It was then that I decided to focus on healthcare and getting a degree. My mother helped me get a Visa to come to America.