Pitt Community College

Pitt Community College

LaQuon Rogers

LaQuon Rogers, Pitt Community College, Excellence Award 2014

When I graduated from Ayden-Grifton High School, I was excited to be college bound but apprehensive about the transition. After a very rewarding senior year as President of the Senior Class, Governor at Tar Heel Boy's State, and more, I had no idea what to expect at college.

Blake Herring

Blake Herring, Pitt Community College, Excellence Award 2013

Choosing a college can be one of the toughest decisions a high school senior has to make, and that certainly was the case for me.

Tiffany Wright

Tiffany Wright, Pitt Community College, Excellence Award 2012

My encounters on the road to Pitt Community College have been a major factor in my success today.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University in 2008, I lived in Beirut, Lebanon, for a year and traveled in the Middle East and Europe.  Upon returning home, I spent a year-and

Mary Gardner

Pitt CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Mary Gardner

When I started this higher education journey in spring of 2013 at 46, I really had no direction and was plagued by the fear that I would fail. I did not excel in high school and it had been over 18 years since I was in a classroom setting.

Angel Andrade

Angel Andrade had a passion, and that passion was football.  His love for football didn't make Pitt Community College a top priority in his education plans after graduating high school.  Andrade, however, had come to a realization that completing his Associates in Arts, and transferring to a high

Sindy Martinez

My journey at Pitt Community College began when I realized my job was not taking me to the place I wanted to be in life, nor did I feel passionate about my career. My mom set a good example for me as she was hardworking and loving, and I wanted to do the same for my son.