Robeson Community College

Robeson Community College

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, 2014 Excellence in Teaching Recipient

This past fall Biology instructor Courtney Kilgore nominated fellow Biology instructor Jennifer Brown for Robeson Community College's Instructor of the Year award.

June Edwards

June Edwards, Robeson Community College, Excellence Award 2014

The year 2012 was my year of second chances. I was informed in December 2011 that the company I had worked at for the last thirty-four years was closing and all manufacturing was moving to either Mexico or China. My job would end on March 31st 2012.

Madison Batten

Madison Batten, Robeson Community College, Excellence Award 2013

I really appreciate the opportunity Robeson Community College has given me to pursue my dream career as a radiographer. This field allows me to feel that I make a positive contribution to our society by providing excellent patient care in the clinical setting.

Ashley Driscoll Broadway

Ashley Broadway, Robeson Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Being a nontraditional student at Robeson Community College has been such a wonderful and rewarding learning experience.

Rachel Rena Maynor

Rachel Rena Maynor, Robeson Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

Being born and raised in the state of Maryland for 12 years, moving to Lumberton, North Carolina was a difficult transition. I overcame my culture shock and learned to adapt to my new environment by keeping an open mind and building relationships with my new teachers and people in the community.

Kenneth Jackson

Robeson CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Kenneth Jackson

In 2009, I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade because I simply lost interest in going. I began working here and there, never really being able to hold down a job.

Tammy Small Cox

For Tammy Small Cox her biggest regret was not going to college.  She didn't think that it was possible to pursue her degree until she received a little encouragement.  That encouragement came from her daughter, and with a little research, Cox realized that her regret could finally become a reali

Robert Villanueva

From South Carolina to Afghanistan and back a time or two, I’ve spent the last ten years running away from where I was raised.