Stanly Community College

Stanly Community College

Derek Stewart

Derek Stewart was enrolled in the Stanly Community College Electrical Lineman program that began December 9th, 2013.  The following Monday after completing the course, he began employment with Utility Line Construction Services to pursue a career in the electrical service field.  His prompt emplo

William Dennis

William Dennis, Stanly Community College, Excellence Award 2013

The idea of college always seemed nice, but I never considered it would become a reality.  When the economy took its toll on the construction industry, I did not realize my path of life would change for the better.

Ellyn Gallagher

Ellyn Gallagher, Stanly Community College, Excellence Award 2012

Throughout my childhood I suffered from school-related anxiety.  As I got older it became worse, until the point that I had to be home-schooled in high school.  During my home-schooling I had one goal, just to finish.  I did the bare minimum I could to get my high school diploma; I had no intenti

Xee Cindy Xiong

Xee Cindy Xiong, Stanly Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

When I was in the eighth grade, I made the decision to apply to Stanly Early College High School.  Never before did I understand how big of a decision it was nor how greatly it would impact me down the road until now. 

Katelyn Blythe

Stanly CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Katelyn Blythe

Two years ago, I made a decision that would change my life for the best.  I decided to go to Stanly Community College (SCC) to obtain my associate degree in Criminal Justice.  I am now in my last semester at SCC, and I have had a great experience thus far in my college career.  I have come a long

Kimberly Ogle

 I began to work at a minimum wage job straight out of high school, without any plans to continue my education, because that just wasn’t what people in my family did. The fact that I had even graduated High School was a bit of a miracle for us.

Britney Pouch

My Stanly Community College journey began in January 2016. I was terrified and unsure of what to expect, especially since I had been out of school for ten years and I had a one-year-old daughter. Being a mom motivated me to be the best I could be.