Western Piedmont Community College

Western Piedmont Community College

Xia Vang

Xia Vang, Western Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2014

When I made the choice to further my education I chose to attend a community college for financial reasons but I wanted one that was welcoming and showed dedication to their students by providing motivational staff, faculty and easily accessible resources.

Interpreter Education Program


When Western Piedmont Community College was chartered in 1964, the college vowed to serve as a resource to its community.

That vow remains at the forefront of the college’s mission.  That’s why, in 2006, WPCC established its first Interpreter Education Program.

Tyler Cook

Tyler Cook, Western Piedmont Community College, Excellence Award 2013

Success is often a mixture of small steps toward larger goals.

Coley Scott Cannon

Coley Scott Cannon, Western Piedmont Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

The classes I have taken at WPCC have helped me gain responsibility as an individual.  I have become better at organizing my schedule, gained diligence by putting in as many hours of studying and working as needed to achieve academic success, and I am acquiring the knowledge needed to further my

Kimberly Thompson

Western Piedmont CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Kimberly Thompson

For many years I had an unrealistic fear of math and computers that locked me into believing I could never attend college.  I was terrified to even try the placement test, but a mentor, Mr. Charles Moore, said, “Face your fears,” and what sound advice that was!

Madelyn Welch

In August of 2015, I enrolled in the Career & College Promise program at Western Piedmont Community College. When I look back now, I realize the amount of growth from then to now. Deciding to enroll at WPCC has allowed me to excel in numerous ways.

Isaiah Gordon

My decision to attend Western Piedmont Community College was based on proximity, cost, and uncertainty in terms of career path.