Wilkes Community College

Wilkes Community College

John Welborn

John Welborn, Wilkes Community College, Excellence Award 2014

I enrolled at Wilkes Community College two years ago to pursue the Architectural Technology degree. It only took one drafting class in high school and I was instantly hooked.

Daniel Triplett

Daniel Triplett, Wilkes Community College

Daniel Triplett’s applied engineering students at Wilkes Community College were challenged by Meadow Mills in Wilkesboro to find a solution to a design flaw with a grain mill, and they did it!

Mindy Blackburn

Mindy Blackburn, Wilkes Community College, Excellence Award 2013

At nineteen, I find it difficult to think of my life as a “success story.” How can someone who has not even been alive for two decades claim such an achievement? At my age, success does not define me yet, but is something I aspire to achieve.

Misty Davis

Misty Davis, Wilkes Community College, Excellence Award 2012

I began my working career in high school and after 15 years of employment, found myself to be a dislocated worker without a college degree.

Kayla Myers

Kayla Myers, Wilkes Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

I am a dual-enrolled student who took on the challenge of earning a high school diploma and an Associate in Science degree though Wilkes Early College High School at Wilkes Community College. The strong educational environment and supportive staff gave me a pathway to graduate with good grades.

Brooke Church

Wilkes CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Brooke Church

It is by no means an overstatement to claim that Wilkes Community College (WCC) has reinvented my world, shaped who I am, and molded my future. At WCC, I have been immersed in a variety of courses that have altered my perspective.

Sarah Elizabeth Shepherd

In during her senior year in high school, Sarah Elizabeth Shepherd made the decision to become dually enrolled in the RIBN Program through Wilkes Community College and Lenoir-Rhyne University.  Taking several WCC classes during high school did not prepare Shepherd for how involved she could becom

Aaron Thomas Clark

Wilkes Community College Academic Excellence Award recipient Aaron Thomas Clark

While in eighth grade, I chose to attend Wilkes Early College High School, a dual-enrollment program through Wilkes Community College (WCC).