Wilson Community College

Wilson Community College

Sadie Herndon

Sadie Herndon, Wilson Community College, 2015 Academic Excellence Award Recipient

My name is Sadie Herndon and I am currently completing my fifth semester at Wilson Community College.  I am enrolled in the Paralegal Technology Program.  I work full-time as a waitress, attend school full-time, and am a single mother of a six-year old child named Max.  I have maintained a 4.0 GP

Janet E. Joyner

Wilson CC 2016 Academic Excellence Award recipient Janet E. Joyner

My experience at Wilson Community College began in spring 2012 – 25 years after graduating from high school!

Beverly Carter

I began my journey to Wilson Community College to acquire a degree in Accounting. I was a nurse for approximately sixteen years and worked diligently at doing so. Due to battling cancer for the last thirty-one years, my immune system would no longer allow me to work in this field.

Madison Barkley

Currently, I am in my final semester at Wilson Community College (WCC).  I am working on my associate degree in Accounting and Business Administration.  I have taken classes at WCC since high school, and I have always loved the atmosphere of the College. 

Denise Jordaon

Denise Jordaon, Wilson Community College, Excellence Award 2014

Since graduating high school in 1988, I dreamed of furthering my education by going to college and pursuing a career of my choice. Instead I married, had children, divorced, and became a single mother. My personal dreams faded in exchange for creating a life built around others' needs.

Henry D. Beltran

Henry Beltran, Wilson Community College, Excellence Award 2013

After retiring from the military in the spring of 2011, I found myself at a crossroad.  I finished a great career but was unsure of what I wanted to do next.  I always had an interest in office work and the medical field.  I decided to see what opportunities were available in these areas.

Mary Speight

Mary Speight, Wilson Community College, Excellence Award 2012

In October 2009 I lost my job due to the company moving overseas, and they gave their employees the opportunity to go back to school.  The thought of going back to school being 40 years old was very scary, but I realized it was something that I always wanted to do.  Therefore January 2010 I enrol