Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

Are community colleges operating normally this fall?

Many classes will be taught online during the fall semester. Face-to-face classes will be held in some programs, particularly for those workforce education courses that are difficult to conduct online. In-person classes are held with extensive safety measures in place, including social distancing, mask wearing and increased santizing. See the website for your local college for more information.

In the spring of 2020, in-person classes were halted across the System, with a few exceptions for programs to train nurses, first responders and respiratory therapists, deemed necessary for North Carolina's workforce during the pandemic. See Numbered Memo CC20-021 for more information.

(Last updated  8/28/2020)


What should students without internet access at home do if their in-person class is shifted online?

There are a number of options available for students, and they should get in touch with their college's student services office for help with their specific situation. The Federal Communications Commission has announced the Keep Americans Connected Initiative which can make internet access more affordable for students. More information is availble at the link provided.

(Last updated 3/19/2020)


Will Career and College Promise dual enrollment classes continue?

Yes, Career and College Promise courses will continue to be offered by the colleges.

(Last updated 8/28/2020)


Will colleges receive direction about what to do with the courses that are converting to online? Do the classes need to be recoded on the schedule?  What will we need to be concerned with from an attendance/compliance perspective?

There is no need to recode courses. Document your changes and maintain documentation for compliance services.

(Last updated 3/26/2020)


Should colleges consider Pass/Fail grades?

Grading is a local decision, but we strongly encourage colleges to grade out the class using their normal grading systems. We are concerned that issuing pass/fail grades may impact the transferability of credits to senior institutions.

(Last updated 3/26/2020)


Will veterans be permitted to participate in classes that are online, specifically those numbered less than 100? 

Per verbal approval from the VA, veteran students will be paid if they take 100% of their Dev. Ed. courses online up until December 21, 2020.

(Last updated 3/26/2020)


As the transition classes move to online is proctoring of Tier tests necessary?

This is a college decision, However, RISE will no longer require Tier tests to be proctored.

(Last updated 3/26/2020)


Can a college use a high school GPA that is more than ten years old for placement into gateway courses?

Yes, there will be no expiration on high school GPA for the purposes of placement into gateway math and English courses for the summer or fall 2020 semester.

(Last updated 3/26/2020)