2021 Emsi Burning Glass Study

2021 Emsi Burning Glass Study

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 - 12:58pm

The N.C. Community Colleges deliver a solid return on investment for their students and the state. The N.C. Community College System, comprised of our 58 community colleges, created $19.3 billion in added economic value according to a study conducted by Emsi Burning Glass

The state’s community colleges are often credited for the cost savings they offer students and families, and the impact of their affordable educational and skill development programs are evident in the study. In fiscal year 2019-2020, operations, construction, and student spending of the colleges, together with the enhanced productivity of their alumni, generated $19.3 billion in added income for the North Carolina economy. The additional income created by N.C. Community Colleges is equal to approximately 3.4% of the total gross state product of North Carolina. The impact is equivalent to supporting 319,763 jobs. For further perspective, this means that one out of every 19 jobs in North Carolina is supported by the activities of the colleges and their students.

For every dollar invested in N.C. Community Colleges yields...

  • Taxpayers gain $1.90 in added tax revenue and public sector savings.
  • Students gain $4.90 in lifetime earnings.
  • Society gains $7.50 in added income and social savings.

Learn more at bigROIforNC.org.

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