Classroom at Sea

Classroom at Sea


Marine Technology Students


Cape Fear Community College




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At Sea with Marine Technology

The four photographs shown in this composite provide a small glimpse of the trainingstudents in the Marine Technology Program at Cape Fear Community College receive at sea aboard the RN CAPE HATTERAS. Students obtain the skills necessary to live and work safely aboard oceangoing research vessels. Emphasis is placed on conducting a broad range of oceanographic survey techniques, including chemical, meteorological, geological, physical, and biological surveys. Well trained marine technicians can choose to work in support of one of the aforementioned scientific disciplines as well a variety of occupations related to the nautical sciences, hydrographic survey as well as waterway and vessel maintenance and support.

  • ┬áThe photograph at top left shows a student caught in an introspective moment.
  • ┬áThe photographs at the top right and bottom left depict students gaining experience with the proper methods for safely taking an oceanographic station, Specifically they are using a contemporary oceanographic instrumentation package that includes twelve Niskin Water Sampling Bottles and a CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) all mounted on a Rosette. The goal is to do a cast using an SBE 33 "deck unit" and EM cable for time data transfer and bottle closing. Water samples will be collected at various depths and analyzed by the students aboard the ship.
  • The photograph at the bottom left exemplifies students deploying a Sub Bottom Profiler off the stem of the RN CAPE HATTERAS, The tethered unit will penetrate the sea bed and transmit sonar images of the sedimentary layers and/or artifacts located under those layers.

Students are required to maintain written and photographic records of operations being performed such as the mobilization, rigging, deployment and recovery of equipment and instrumentation as well as any problems that may occur. These photographs are from those records.