Norfolk Cabinet

Norfolk Cabinet


Katharine Austin


Fayetteville Technical Community College




Floor 4


Through collage and painting, I seek to visually navigate personal domestic interior and exterior spaces tied to specific childhood memories. I am particularly interested in the investigation and recreation of my childhood home and familiar domestic constructions. I describe specific memories by building autonomous domestic structures that include everyday items to indicate common interior and exterior surfaces. I explore two-dimensional space with the use of painting and collage making materials. My work employs the illusion of space to reveal its possibilities; I play with physical space and the illusion of space to support and challenge one another, as a result of my internal navigation and decision-making. By constructing and deconstructing the architectural tectonic plates on a small scale, I am identifying the harmony and chaos of color and space of specific locations within the image as a whole. Through conventional and unconventional methods and materials, I break the picture plane and collapse the interior and exterior spaces; which essentially illustrate both inside and outside. The process of recreating my home remains current as I continue to investigate the interior and exterior spaces from memory.