Presidential Search

Presidential Search

The Presidential Search Committee, led by co-chairs, Dr. Shirley Carraway and Mr. Hari Nath, is tasked with conducting the search for a new NC Community College System President. The committee is committed to a deliberative, thorough selection process

Presidential Profile and Application Process:

Presidential Profile

The application period has opened for the next NC Community Colleges System President. To apply, please review the job posting and contact Buffkin/Baker. 

Presidential Search Updates:


About the Presidential Search:

Following the departure of President Stith, Dr. William S. "Bill" Carver assumed the role of Interim President effective July 25, 2022. The State Board of Community Colleges appointed the Presidential Search Committee on August 19, 2022. The thirteen-person bipartisan committee is made up of representatives from the State Board, the NC Community College Foundation, the NC Association of Community College Presidents, the NC Association of Community College Trustees, and N4CSGA. The committee has developed an RFP to identify and hire an executive search firm to assist them in identifying potential candidates for the next President of the North Carolina Community College System. The committee plans to solicit input from internal and external stakeholders to the North Carolina Community College System to inform the development of the presidential profile.

Stakeholder Survey

The Presidential Search Committee conducted a survey through November 4th to obtain input from System stakeholders. The Committee discussed the survey at the meeting on November 16th and utilized it to continue the development of the presidential profile. 

Presidential Search Survey Results

Duties Assigned to Presidential Search Committee as of September 2022

Under authority granted to the Board Chair in the SBCC Bylaws dated August 16, 2019, the following duties have been assigned to the 13 individuals who have agreed to be members of the Presidential Search Committee:

  1. Follow the prescribed State of NC practices to solicit proposals from qualified national search firms with experience in higher education.  Requires full input and discussion by the committee. 
  2. Interview and select a qualified search firm based on reasonable criteria.  
  3. Recommend to the full SBCC a search firm, including the expected cost of the entire selection process. SBCC to vote at once on the recommendation of the search firm.  
  4. Seek approval from the State of NC to sign a contract with the chosen firm.
  5. Seek approval from the SBCC for a budget allocation connected to the search.     
  6. With the help of the search firm, establish the profile characteristics the committee seeks in applicants for the System President. The committee can, at its discretion, seek advice from stakeholders prior to the completion of the profile.   
  7. Narrow the applicant pool to a group of semi-finalists. Interview the semi-finalists on a basis recommended by the search firm. 
  8. Further, narrow the applicant pool to two or three finalists.
  9. Invite the balance of the full SBCC to participate in the final interviews.  It is envisioned that the Search Committee will make a final applicant recommendation to the SBCC, to be followed by a separate vote by the 21 voting members of the SBCC. 
  10. All 13 members of the search committee are voting members.
  11. The committee will meet on a regular schedule established by the leaders of the committee itself.
  12. The committee will report to the SBCC each month in keeping with the normal governance accountability. 
  13. All board members and committee members are required to sign a binding NDA. 
  14. The committee will attempt to complete the entire search process by January 2023, if possible; act with a sense of urgency.

Inquiries can be made to Ms. Sondra Jarvis at 919-807-7147 / or Ms. Tawanda Artis at 919-807-6961 / for additional information. 

Presidential Profile

Presidential Search Committee