Student Support

Student Support

Student Support services within the NC Community College System serves to aid student success toward successful completion of credential or successful transfer. Services include academic advising, career counseling, counseling and disability services to our special populations.

Academic Advising

The NC Community College System recognizes that effective academic advising is at the core of student success.  Academic advising is a collaborative process which assists students in the clarification of career goals and development of educational plans to realize those goals. 

Career Information

North Carolina Community Colleges are committed to student success and provide a variety of resources and information to assist our students and graduates obtain employment. Campus Services may include career information, guidance, career interest inventories, and local vacancy information.

Counseling Information

North Carolina Community Colleges are committed to student success and provide a variety of resources and information by supporting and enhancing the practice of college counseling, promoting ethical and responsible professional practice, promoting communication and exchange among college counselors across service areas and institutional settings, and encouraging cooperation with other organizations related to higher education and college student development. 

Disability Services

The North Carolina Community Colleges collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to make the college experience accessible to everyone. Our expertise is at the intersection of disability and design, and so we work with all campus community members to ensure that physical, curricular, and web environments are designed to be barrier-free to the extent possible. We work directly with students to determine accommodations when barriers cannot be removed in a timely manner. Providing access is a collaborative effort engaging the colleges disability services, students, and the faculty/staff.

Career Coach Program

(G.S. 115D-21.5(d)(2) authorizes the North Carolina Community College System to administer the Career Coach Program. This program places community college career coaches in high schools to assist students with determining career goals and identifying community college programs that would enable students to achieve these goals. 

Special Populations

The NC Community College System seeks to empower all individuals in our community by providing accessible lifelong learning. We are committed to supporting and assisting students in achieving their educational goals. At each institution, the Special Populations Office partners with other departments in order to ensure access to education and services offered to all students.