Alexis Kryssing

I moved from New York to North Carolina, before my last year of high school, and I was unsure where I wanted to attend college. Starting in 2013, I chose Mitchell Community College because employees greeted me with kindness, and I could settle into my new surroundings.

While attending community college, I have been able to learn, socialize, and experience college in a comfortable atmosphere. All of my instructors have been wonderful and supportive. Also, I am participating in clubs that enriched my overall experience, including: Phi Theta Kappa, National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, and Diverse Expressions.

I was apprehensive about making a decision for my future by attending this college, but now that I have spent the time there, I know I made the correct decision. I know the skills and knowledge that I have obtained from Mitchell Community College will assist me in the future. I am grateful to all of the individuals who have motivated me to continue my dreams to become an author and transfer to a bigger school. I am looking forward to continuing my education, keeping in mind the foundation that a North Carolina Community College has given me.