Alisha Sechrest

My success story begins when I applied for the RIBN program through North Carolina A&T University and Davidson County Community College. This program set me on a path for success as long as I worked with a determined attitude, compassionate heart, and never gave up. Fall of 2016, I began my journey in nursing education that would shape me into the woman I am today.

Throughout the last three years of being at DCCC, the last two of which in the Associate Degree Nursing program, I have learned more about myself as a student, future nurse, and as an individual. I have been pushed to my limits and learned to not just step but jump outside of my comfort zone.

These things have taught me that I am capable of defying the limits that others might put on me. I have learned how to do many tasks, learned facts about many medications, learned how to assess a patient and anticipate what their care will entail, but the greatest thing I have learned is that success happened when things didn’t go as planned, yet I made the most of the situation. It goes beyond administering the medications, beyond trying to make an “A” on the next exam, beyond doing everything “perfect”. Success happens when you fail and then decide to try again and again. This is my success story.