Allison Gay

My daughter and I are originally from Beaufort County, but moved to Carteret County in 2011. I have always known that I wanted to work in the medical field, but I had to search to find my niche.

Before being admitted into the Respiratory Therapy program, I had already completed a two-year Associate in Arts degree at the college. After I received the degree, I did a lot of research and prayed about which field that I should pursue next. I actually applied to both the Respiratory and the Radiography programs and was approved for both. Thanks to the wonderful advisors at the college, I was allowed to shadow in both fields so that I would have a better understanding of each profession. I had a great experience with both and have a great appreciation for the Radiography program, but I love the patient interaction that I have with Respiratory Therapy. It's a career field for which I have great passion.

Last year, I was voted in as President of the Student Government Association. I also serve as an ex-officio member of the College's Board of Trustees.

I have also been awarded the Goldenleaf Foundation Scholarship, the P.E.O. Scholarship, the Taylor Foundation Scholarship, the NC Association of Respiratory Educators Tom Morris Scholarship, and most recently a $1,000 Transportation Impact Scholarship. I would not have been able to complete my education without the scholarships. I'm very grateful for the help.

I want to go home at the end of each day able to hold my head up high knowing that I made a difference in someone's life. Whether it's giving a patient a breathing treatment or giving a family peace of mind because their family member is getting quality care; I am fulfilled by my work.