Amber Pegram

Deciding whether or not to attend a four year university or community college was a difficult decision for me. During my senior year I was given the opportunity to take classes through Pamlico Community College. With the rising cost of college, I knew community college would be my best option. When I went to register for classes, I was notified of a scholarship I was eligible to receive. By the grace of God, I ended up being one of the recipients and so began my college education journey.

In the beginning I was only interested in my accounting degree. Upon receiving the scholarship I decided to pursue my business administration degree as well. With the availability of classes, come May I will have obtained two degrees in two years while still being able to maintain two part time jobs. The community college experience has enabled me to reach my goals with less stress and in a shorter time frame. Choosing to enroll at a community college was the best decision I ever made.