Amelia Hawkins

When I was in the eighth grade, I made the decision to apply to Caldwell Early College High School, a program in which students attend high school and Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute for five years. My instructors and peers have been instrumental to my success, supporting and encouraging me. 

The commitment to attend CCC&TI wasn’t easy. My family has always relocated frequently, making more than 17 moves across six states before I turned 15. However, college has always been my dream, so I applied and committed. Due to our economic situation, my family had to relocate (again) shortly before I began my third year at CECHS.  I made the decision to move in with a friend and stay put, enabling me to continue school. In May, I will graduate with a high school diploma, an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science. In the fall I will study Molecular Biology at Princeton University on a full scholarship and hope to attend Medical School.   

My experience at CCC&TI has been enriching and is one of the biggest reasons I am the person I am today.  As I look toward graduation and completing my undergraduate degree at Princeton, I realize that my education has created a solid foundation, allowing me to look toward the future with confidence and determination.