Angel Andrade

Angel Andrade had a passion, and that passion was football.  His love for football didn't make Pitt Community College a top priority in his education plans after graduating high school.  Andrade, however, had come to a realization that completing his Associates in Arts, and transferring to a high-ranking university to study economics and political science was the path he wanted to travel.  Attending PCC sparked new passions for Andrade in business, leadership, and social activism.  Being a member of Gamma Beta Phi, and Phi Theta Kappa he was able to learn and utilize these skills.

 With the support of faculty and staff mentors, Andrade grew professionally and socially.  Andrade is thankful to Next Level Advisor, Kenneth Joyner, Dr. Moses-Hall, advisors in PBL-Borgella Saint-Ulysse, and Mandy Bowers.  Special thanks to Pitt Community College for the endless opportunities there.