Angela Johnson

I walked into my first class on shaking knees and sat down. It wasn’t long until I heard someone say "Who’s the old chick?" I looked around for a moment and realized that, at 42 years old, I am the old chick! So, I introduced myself to my younger classmates. Despite what may have seemed a negative comment, the student body at Mitchell has been fabulous, I have many new friendships that will surely last a lifetime.

Even with the encouragement of my classmates, there have been times that I got tired, frustrated or overwhelmed. That’s when the staff steps in. I have had an adviser that was nothing short of a Godsend. The Criminal Justice professors have pushed me, constantly asking for more, while encouraging me constantly.

I started this college experience with the hopes of gaining an education that would help me better serve children because when I am not studying, I advocate for abused/neglected children. The skills that I have gained in my studies at Mitchell have already enabled me to function better in the courtroom. This is where I see the actual success stemming from my education, in the faces of the children that I serve.