Angela Tournay

In early 1990, I completed a year of Auburn's architectural program, but took a leave due to financial issues. Years passed. I worked, bought a car, got married, and bought a home. Life happened and my plan to return to Auburn faded. By 2012, I was at a crossroads: divorced and frustrated. I investigated changing jobs, but faced limited opportunity. So, two months after my forty-second birthday, I decided to go back to school.

Luckily, the best fitting program was local - Architectural Technology at Forsyth Tech. After an in-depth discussion with Todd Shoaf, I realized my accustomed schedule would not be possible. I resigned, to make school my full-time job with an enriched future as payment. For the first time since I was sixteen, I was unemployed.

Forsyth Tech has proven an excellent choice. Smaller classes eased the transition of returning to school, while the wide variation in ages and backgrounds of my fellow students has provided a truly diverse learning environment. My hard work and instructors personally committed to my success, has allowed me to achieve a continual 4.0 GPA. Whatever path I choose, my future is much brighter because of Forsyth Tech.