Angeles Gomez

I was looking for an educational challenge and wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend a community college. However, my opinion changed once I started attending Central Piedmont.

During my time at Central Piedmont, I have had amazing instructors and advisors that have always believed in me. They have constantly pushed me to be a better leader and a better person and have never doubted in my abilities. They have helped me open doors and have given me opportunities I never thought I would have. Through a scholarship program designed for women, I have been coached by amazing mentors that have given me insight into myself. My experience at Central Piedmont has prepared me and given me the knowledge and the skills I need to successfully transfer to a 4-year university in order to pursue a bachelor’s in economics and finance.

Through my on-campus leadership positions,
I have learned how to truly listen to, and balance other peoples’ opinions with my own. I have not only been able to enrich my own life experiences, but I have also had the privilege to impact those around me.

When I think about Central Piedmont, I think about home. The experiences and opportunities that I have been given have allowed me to grow, have given me confidence and have shaped the person I am today. I wouldn’t be in this position today if it weren’t for the incredible support system, I have been given here at Central Piedmont Community College.