Anh T. Nguyen

In 2012 Ahn Nguyen immigrated from her native Vietnam to America to be with her husband and to make a better life for herself and their children.   After her husband's disability changed their plans she decided to work and studied English for three years.  During this time she found an educational home in Alamance Community College's university transfer program.  This new experience filled Nguyen with confusion and anxiety.  Part of her felt that she needed to stop going to school and get a job.  However, she found support at ACC and it helps her work towards her dream goal.

Her endeavor has been hard, but she knows that only an education can help her change her life and to be an inspiration for her children.  Hard work and determination got Nguyen through her studies and she has passed the Pharmacy College Administration Test.  She has been accepted into High Point University for the Fall of 2016.  Nguyen learned that it is never too late to pursue an education, and ACC is the best place for students who wish to start their career dream.