Ann Funk

My time at Davidson Community College has been a very fulfilling experience for me.  I have seen myself grow not only in knowledge but also in confidence and ability.  I owe most of this to the instructors, staff, and students at Davidson County Community College.  Their influence has allowed me to gain a wide range of experience covering a broad range of topics in the computer fields including networking, server configuration, and operating systems.

Throughout all of my experiences at the college, the one I have enjoyed the most is working in the Networking Lab as a work study student.  As the Network Lab Assistant I am able to use the skills that I have acquired at DCCC as well as learn new ones.   One of the new skills I learned was creating and deploying custom images of Windows 7.  I was able to research this skill and put it to use in the lab by deploying the custom image to over 80 different hard drives.  Learning these new skills has given me the confidence necessary to take advantage of all the new opportunities that the college has given me, and I am positive that in the future I will continue to strive for success using the skills I have acquired.