Anthony Kennedy

Working with a computer system that controls two manufacturing plants was giving Anthony Kennedy the influence to return to school back in 2015.  Gaining roles that included IT management, he knew that he would have to improve his skills to be successful at the task his job required.  He was able to start continuing his education online with Bladen Community College.  With the flexibilities of his school schedule, he was still able to work full-time.  Through his learnings at BCC, he is already able to use this information and apply it to his career and he sees this trend continuing. 

Anthony has one more semester before he receives his Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology, but now he has been inspired to continue to pursue high education after his Associates.  Kennedy has come to embrace the thought that his education never ends.  The experience of returning to college was better than he could have ever dreamed and has been more rewarding than he expected.