Ashley Driscoll Broadway

Being a nontraditional student at Robeson Community College has been such a wonderful and rewarding learning experience. I graduated from a 4-year college in 1995 and was a little apprehensive about going back to school.  I decided that I wanted a career change and I had a strong urge to pursue a career in the medical field.  I was accepted into the Radiography program at Robeson Community College. 

My instructors have done an exceptional job in preparing me for a career in Radiography. My clinical experiences that I have had in hospitals and clinics have been invaluable. My confidence has grown exponentially over the past four semesters.  My Clinical Coordinator has been incredibly accommodating this semester in reworking my schedule for a math class that is required for the Radiation Therapy program that I am starting in August.  I am not sure that flexibility would have been exhibited out of a community college setting.  The curriculum that I have taken here has been top notch and has prepared me to further my education. I look forward to beginning the Radiation Therapy program this August in another NC Community College.